What to do in a runaway diesel situation?

If a diesel engine runaway occurs when one is driving, the accelerator pedal should be lifted, and the brakes applied. Do not pull the key out of the ignition while moving (see more below). The car should then be pulled over as soon as possible. You will want to carefully use the brakes and control the steering to the best of your capabilities. Try to gain as much control of the car as possible, and once the vehicle is in a safe and secure place, you want to shut off the engine.

The following are just simple suggestions for dealing with a diesel engine runaway. This will not be effective for every diesel engine as all machines are different, and what can work for one may not work for another.

In an instance of a runaway diesel engine, it is most important to remain calm and regain control of the vehicle. In the occurrence of a runaway engine, the engine is already destroyed, and you should never risk your life or another's to help salvage the engine.