Diesel engines

Diesel liquid fuel is most often a distillate of petroleum oil used in diesel engines. Such engines do not have spark plugs. Rather, the fuel and air mix is ignited due to high pressure. In cold weather, it might be hard to start a diesel engine. To facilitate starting a diesel engine in cold climate, the combustion is preheated with heaters (often referred to as glow plugs). Is diesel flammable? Diesel is flammable, like most petroleum products, but not as much as gasoline. Military vehicles often use diesel engines due to the relatively low flammability risk.

Detroit Diesel is an example of a diesel engine manufacturer. This corporation is registered in the United States of America and is a subsidiary of Daimler Trucks North America. Their predecessors include General Motors Detroit and Diesel-Allison Division. Founded in 1938, there are over 2,300 employees at the company. Since its creation, more than 5 million diesel engines have been put into fruition, and over a million of these built are still operating today.

Detroit Diesel doesn't only create engines, as they also build quality axles, transmissions, and even a virtual technician. High-quality freightliners also use their engines and transmissions, including Western Star, SelecTrucks, Thomas Built Buses, and many more. Detroit Diesel is an extremely reliable company that is sought after by many companies that need dependable equipment and quality products. Their equipment was known for their high quality as early as World War II, providing tanks, road building equipment, generators, landing craft, and more while providing jobs to help during such a money drought. During their time creating quality products for the servicemen and women in World War II, the created more than 57,000 engines in just the first year alone. During this time, the company had managed to create the successful series 110 engines which were used not only as rail cars and for construction equipment but also as power generators.

Throughout the years, the Detroit Diesel Corporation has successfully created a plethora of products, including a complete refurbishment in 2005 to help aid in the future success of the business. Products created throughout their 75 years thus far include, for example the Detroit Diesel (DD) 53 Series. Surprisingly, they have many engines still supported, including the Series 50 A 8.5 L, Series 60 A 11.1 L, and two Mercedes-Benz Engines, the 900 and 4000. Besides their collaboration with Wal-Mart to create the first hybrid-electric freightliner, they celebrated their 75th anniversary in 2013. They're still one of the leading diesel engine manufacturers in the world.